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Company Profile

Company Name
Sakura Hoseki Co., Ltd.


Sangeeta Mehta

February 13th 2019

3,000,000 yen

Business description
Jewelry Wholesale and Retail


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SAKURA HOSEKI would like to offer you simple and quality jewelry. Exuberant pieces that express confidence and individuality. Our brand has been wholesaling jewelry in Tokyo for over 30 years. We purchase raw stones from India, and carry out design, polish, manufacture, & provide quality control in Tokyo.


We are an end-to-end company, and therefore are able to deliver our products within a reasonable range, whilst guaranteeing the highest of qualities. From design, polishing, to manufacturing routes & no middle-men, we promise you will love the feel & exclusivity of our truly authentic and timeless jewelry.



From the age of 15, I have been enamored by the business world. My upbringing and continuous curiosity fostered a deep interest, and since then I’ve never doubted that one day I will be working in the jewelry industry. My father came to Japan in the year 1991 (at the age of 24) with two pairs of clothing and no knowledge of Japan or the country’s language. Although he did not have the financial support to commence a business in Japan like many did at the time, his passion drew him to quickly grasp the process of the Japanese loan system where he eventually developed relationships with bank managers and procured enough capital to start his own business. Within a few years, he became one of the most successful diamond merchants in Japan.


While in high school, I spent several summers traveling with my father to visit his clients and this is where it hit me how great of a communicator and salesperson he is. I was in complete awe. He’d spend the majority of the time talking about their personal lives developing a relationship, and within the last few minutes he would bring up business and swiftly close deals. I usually sat silently right beside my father, and eagerly observed how adeptly and amusingly these conversations would go. These were the times where it would strike me, I wanted to be just like him. My father’s clients would frequently tell me how incredible of a businessman my father is, and at that time and even to this day it gives me chills when I reminisce.


Rather than going abroad for my higher studies, I decided to pursue my Bachelors education at Waseda University in Japan. Reason being, during my free time I could spend time with my father and learn about this industry from the best. And when the time came, I would be ready to expand my father’s business to new levels. 


After seeing my father thrive in this industry for 30+ years, I have become very driven to keep learning and become an even greater businessman and person. In order for this vision to come true, I knew I had to keep with today’s technology thriving times and begin a venture completely different to my fathers, in e-commerce. As my father continued to supply natural diamonds to many of the world’s largest retailers, I also began to ponder why don’t we directly supply to end-consumers, and thereby bypass the high margins? After months of research and calculation, this ignited a passion that drove me to start an official brand in the year 2020 called Sakura Hoseki. 


In Japan, many have the perception that diamonds are extremely expensive and they are to be purchased only for special occasions (such as weddings). Hence many resort to alternative options like sterling silver for their jewelry. I want consumers to get away from that mindset and show to them how diamonds are the most beautiful stones in the world, and that they should be worn by every individual who has a deep love for accessories.

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