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Your Destination for Exquisite Japanese Diamond Jewelry

Welcome to Sakura Hoseki, your premier source for exquisitely crafted diamond jewelry, all meticulously manufactured in the heart of Japan. With a reputation steeped in excellence, we specialize in creating lightweight jewelry that transcends beauty and elegance. Renowned for our expertise in Tennis Bracelets and Tennis Necklaces, we proudly stand as the foremost producer and distributor of these treasures, setting a benchmark for quality and affordability.

Our distinction lies in curating a collection that not only embodies the timeless allure of diamonds but also showcases the artistry of Japanese craftsmanship. Every piece we offer reflects the pinnacle of precision and creativity, with an attention to detail that has made us an emblem of excellence in the industry.

At Sakura Hoseki, we believe luxury should be accessible to all. That's why our entire range is available at wholesale prices, inviting jewelry enthusiasts worldwide to indulge in the splendor of our offerings. Our online platform serves as your gateway to elegance, where you can browse and select from a diverse array of designs that suit every occasion and personal style.

Embracing a global vision, we proudly offer complimentary shipping to every corner of the world. Anticipate your precious acquisition to arrive within 15 business days, effortlessly connecting you to the allure of Sakura Hoseki's diamond masterpieces, no matter where you are.


Sakura Hoseki is much more customer friendly than any other major company in this industry. Usually major firms sell their products with an incredible margin, however we tend to divert more upon reasonable prices, while carrying out the optimal piece of jewelry.

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