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All items come with a box and a certificate of authenticity


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Latest jewelry designs manufactured in Japan.​

Our jewelry has the essence of flowers, specifically cherry blossoms, blooming yearly -every spring. It is a breath of fresh air, light & seamless. It encourages those who wear it, or receive it as gifts, to make new milestones, new starts. This brand was born out of a desire to be an elegant and translucent jewelry item, just like Japanese cherry blossoms.


For centuries diamonds has long fascinated many, a true token of love, and perhaps also signifying power. We encapsulate this image, with a touch of modernity. Sakura Hoseki is for those who’d like to embody positivity, togetherness & confidence. It is for our driven millennial, those who make a statement in their office, not just by what they wear but also what they do and say. It’s for those lovebuds that have just embarked on a new journey of love and life, or for those who have been at it for decades. We want our wearer to feel even more determined, driven & loved, & we offer this through our timeless jewelry.


Sakura Hoseki is much more customer friendly than any other major brand in this industry. Usually major brands sell their products with an incredible margin, however we tend to divert more upon reasonable prices, while carrying out the optimal piece of jewelry. 

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Sakura Hoseki



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Taitoku Kojima 1-9-2 Tokyo Japan




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